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Don Adams Oil is Southeastern Ma's reliable heating & cooling pros

Don Adams Oil is an oil company based in New Bedford, Massachusetts, that performs services and provides installation for heating systems, air-conditioning units, and boilers. We also replace your old oil tank and install radiant heating in your floors, driveways, and sidewalks.



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Heating Systems

We carry System 2000® and Utica heating systems that are ideal for both residential and commercial properties and can save you up to 40% in fuel costs. Each application is different, but most only take about  day to install and both heating systems come with a 20-year warranty.

Radiant Heating

Radiant heating is installed in the floor of your home and heats the entire room to keep you and your family nice and toasty. You can also have this system installed in your sidewalk and driveway to melt the snow that lands on it. Say goodbye to shoveling snow, because radiant heating systems can be adapted to most homes and are incredibly convenient.

Air-Conditioning Systems

We offer complete air-conditioning installation services for most makes and models of units. Air-conditioning units are typically installed outside where the condenser is, but the duct work is done in inside the home.


Boilers can be installed anywhere in a residential or light commercial building. We carry System 2000® and Utica boilers and recommend these products because of their exceptional quality.

Oil Tank Replacements

If your oil tank is old or leaking, you should consider having it replaced. Our courteous and knowledgeable technicians quickly and easily replace your existing oil tank with a brand-new one.


What is the benefit of buying my oil from the same person who services my furnace? 

You will get a consistent and very competitive price on oil delivery and, you will get expert service to maintain the highest efficiency and life expectancy of your appliance. If you purchase oil based on the cheapest price at the time, you may save a few bucks on that particular fill-up but you won't get service when you need it the most. The majority of local, reputable oil companies will require you to purchase oil from them if they service your appliances. You may pay slightly more, but you'll get fast, reliable and quality service, especially in the middle of a winter night's storm when your burner breaks down.


How efficient is oil heat compared to gas?

Oil burners today offer efficiency ratings up to 95%. They have an average life expectancy of 30+ years when properly maintained, compared to an average life expectancy of 11-14 years for a gas furnace. Oil creates 140,000 BTU's of heat per gallon which is equivalent to 100,000 BTU's that Natural Gas produces. you burn about 40% more natural gas to receive the same heating equivalent as oil (Source:


Is oil heat safe and clean

Very. Oil heat is not flammable. If a person dropped a match in  a tank of oil, it would not ignite. In fact, it would go out as if you dropped it in water. When regularly and properly maintained, new oil systems do not create any dirt, soot or odors. Oil heat burns 95% cleaner now that it did in 1970 because the sulfur content of heating oil has been reduced by over 93%.


Is oil heat still a good value?

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) represents the average prices consumers pay on a wide array of products. Oil specifically has increased about half as much since the early 1980's.


Do I repair or Replace my heating or air-conditioning system when it breaks down?

Depends on how old the system is. Replacing a system is usually the best option if the existing system is near its life expectancy. Parts may be hard to find or very expensive and other components are likely to show their age and break as well. As a system ages, the efficiency declines and results in higher utility costs. Manufacturers have produced much more efficient systems in just the last 5 years. Installing a high-efficiency unit can save you up to 50% on your utility bill.


Do programmable thermostats make a difference?

Pre-programmable settings allow you to regulate the temperature whether you are home, away, awake or asleep in both summer and winter. You may notice significant savings when you establish a program that automatically redces heating and cooling in your home.


My current service company says I have a unique system. Can you repair it?

Yes. We are experienced in almost every make and model boiler/furnace system made today and years ago. We pride ourselves in our continued education on all new technology. If it says Beckett, Riello, Carlin, Burnham, Utica, System 2000, Weil-McLain, Buderus, Viessmann, Peerless, New Yorker, Radiant, Seudce Molt, HydroAir, MultiZone, we can fix it and fix it right.


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